What is the difference between Brand Strategy and Brand Identity?


After addressing the definition of the brand concept, we try to shed light on two more terms: Brand Strategy and Brand Identity.

What is a Brand Strategy?

It is the strategy that is followed to build and share the brand. It is the essence of what the brand is and aspires to be, the purpose it wants to achieve and the way in which all this must be communicated to the world.

Why is the Brand Strategy so important?

We believe that every tool, whether a website or a business card, should be born from the essential study of brand strategy. If you do not define a precise identity and the strategy of how to communicate it, you will not be able to create genuine, authentic and transparent relationships with your customers.

What is a Brand Identity?

If the brand is intangible, the identity instead is composed of everything that we can touch, see and interact with. It is a complete visual language that must be applied to all communication elements. These may vary depending on the needs of the brand, but usually include logo, colors, typography, website, packaging, photography, illustration and many more. For identity to serve the purpose of the strategy, it must be memorable, distinct, flexible and easy to apply.